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              ( )1.cl___ver   A. a   B.ea   C. e

              ( )2.b___utiful  A.ee  B. ea C. ie

              ( )3.fam__s A.er   B. ur.   C. ou

              ( )4.bec__se A. al   B.au   C.or

              ( )5.Th__sday A. er    B.ur   C.ir


              1.What ’ s that? A. No,it isn ’ t.

              2.Will your father do the housework? B. They will make cakes.

              3.What will they do? C.It ’ s a robot.

              4.Is Sam stronger than Daming? D.Yes,he will.

              5.Is that your house? E. No,he isn ’ t.


              riding windy take longer cakes

              1.Robot ’ s can make ________. . .

              2.This rope (绳子) is_________than that one.

              3.Will it be ________ in Nanjing tomorrow?No,it won ’ t.

              4. We are going to have a picnic.Will you ________ some bread?

              5.What are they doing?They are ________ a bike.


              ( )1.I ’ m playing ______ my doll.

              A. in B. / C. with

              ( )2.There are many _______ on the river.

              A.boat B. boats C. bird

              ( )3. ______________ ? He will read books.

              A. What will you do on Sunday?

              B. What will your mother do on Sunday?

              C. What will your father do on Sunday?

              ( )4.On Monday I will go ________ .

              A.swim B.swimming C. swiming

              ( )5.Beijing is _____ than Tianjin.

              A.biger B. big C. bigger

              ( )6.Parrot is a very _____ bird.

              A.shy B. naughty C.nice

              ( )7.Will you play football on Monday?

              A. Yes,you will B.No,I w will C.No,I wont.

              ( )8.It will _____ in Taian.

              A.hot B. be warm C. be hot

              ( )9. Is your father taller than Yaoming?

              A.Yes, he is B.No,he isn ’ t C.No,I ’ m not.

              ( )10.Daming is ______ than Amy.

              A.older B. younger C.stronger


              This is the wether forecast (预报).Tomorrow ,it will be cold in Beijin .It will snow in Shenyang. It will be windy in Yinchuan . It will be hot in Chongqing.It Will rain in Hangzhou .It will be sunny in Guangzhou.

              ( )1.It will rain in Guangzhou.

              ( )2.It will be hot in Shenyang.

              ( )3.It will be cold in Beijing.

              ( )4.It will snow in Yinchuan .

              ( )5. It will rain in Hangzhou.


              ( )1.cake name

              ( )2.cow how

              ( )3.bike is

              ( )4.that three

              ( )5.Chinese Christmas


              I II

                ( )1.How do you do? A.That's all right.

                ( )2.Thank you. B.Yes,com e in.

                ( )3.May I come in? C.June 1.

                ( )4.What time is it? D.How do you do?

                ( )5.When is Children's Day? E.It's five o'clock.


              1.This is a book.变为否定句)


              2.He is a good boy.(变为一般疑问)






              ( ) 1. 当别人送你礼物时,你应先说:

              A. Thank you B. you’re welcome C. What’s it?

              ( ) 2. 当你想问别人问题时,你应说:

              A. Hi B. Sorry

              C. Excuse me

              ( ) 3. 当你看见别人不开心是,可以关切地问:

              A. What’s the matter?

              B.Who are you?

              C.What do you like?

              ( ) 4. 当你迟到了,站在门口时,应说:

              A. Open the door, please. B. May I come in ? C. I’m late.

              ( ) 5. 当别人因不能帮你而表示歉意时,你应说:

              A. I’m sorry, too. B. Oh, how bad! C. Thank you all the same.

              ( ) 6. 当别人对你说Happy New Year时,你应说:

              A.The same to you. B. You’re welcome.

              C. Fine, thank you.

              ( ) 7. 在商店里,服务员问你买什么时会说:

              A. What do you buy? B. Can I help you? C. Have you got a pen?

              ( ) 8. 当你把玲玲介绍给朋友时应说:

              A. This is Lingling. B. This is my friend. C. She’s Lingling.

              ( ) 9. 当有人建议去野餐时,如果你乐意应说:

              A. That’s a good idea. B. Great C. Both A and B

              ( ) 10. 当你在公共场合看到______ 时,你不能停车:

              A. Don’t stop B. NO SMOKING C. NO PARKING

              ( )11.当别人夸奖你英语说的好时,你应该说___________

              A. Thank you. B. It is not good. C. Yes.

              ( ) 12. 当你想知道橡皮在哪儿时,问:_____________

              A. Where is the pen?

              B. Where is it from?

              C. Where is the eraser?

              ( ) 13. 当你想知道新电视机的颜色时,问:_______

              A. Where is the new TV?

              B. What colour is the new TV?

              C. What is a TV?

              ( )14. 当你想知道别人是否有钢琴时,问:_________

              A. Have you got a dictionary? B. Have you got a piano?

              ( )15.当你把妈妈介绍给你的老师时,你应该说:_________

              A.Mum, this is my teacher, Miss Gao.

              B. Hello, she’s Miss Gao.

              C. Miss Gao, this is my mother.

              ( )16.当你的爸爸过生日时,你应该说:___________

              A. Thank you. B. Excuse me. C. Happy birthday to you!

              ( )17.当你想知道这些东西是谁的时,问:___________

              A.Whose are these? B. Whose are those? C. Who are they?

              ( )18. 你要询问物品的价格,应该说 .

              A. When did you go?

              B. How much is it?

              C. Will you be a teacher?

              ( )19.上课铃响了,教师走进教室,班长应该说:______

              A. Please come in.

              B.Good morning. C.Stand up.

              ( ) 20.你向别人介绍你的朋友大明,可以说: .

              A. This is my friend, Daming

              B.This is my friend. C. It’s he.

              ( ) 21. 你和别人初次见面可以这样礼貌的问候对方:_____

              A.What’s your name?

              B. How are you?

              C. C. How old are you?

              ( )22. 你想知道你的新书包在哪儿,可以这样问你的妈妈:___

              A. Where’s my new bag, Mum?

              B. Is it my new bag?

              C. What’s my new bag?

              ( )23. 你遇到困难请求别人帮助时应该说:________

              A.Can you help me, please?

              B. You can help me.

              C. You can’t help me.

              ( )24.当别人帮助你的时候你可以说: .

              A. How are you? B. Thank you. C. That’s all right.

              ( )25. 下午见到李老师应该这样问候:______

              A. Good morning, Mr Li.

              B. Good afternoon, Mr Li.

              C. Good night, Mr Li.

              ( )26.想知道你的礼物是什么颜色的,可以这样问:____

              A.What is my present?

              B. What colur is my present?

              C. Where’s my present?

              ( )27.你应该怎样告诉别人向右转?______

              A. Turn right B. turn left

              C. go straight on

              ( ) 28.当别人对你说Thank you 时,你应该这样回答:

              A. Thank you. B. No, no, no.

              C. You’re welcome.

              ( ) 29.当朋友对你说Happy New Year 时,你应该这样回答:

              A. Happy New Year!

              B. No, thank you.

              C. Yes, thank you.

              ( ) 30.当你想知道自行车放在哪儿时,问:

              A.Where is my bike? B. What is my bike?

              C. My bike is where?

              ( ) 31.当你想知道别人是否喜欢那辆绿色汽车时,问:

              A. Do you like the green car?

              B. What is the car like?

              C. I’m looking for a green car.

              ( ) 32.当你想知道别人会不会骑自行车时,问:

              A. Can you make a bike?

              B. Can you ride a bike?

              C. Can you ride a horse?

              ( ) 33.当你问朋友是否想吃面条时,要问:

              A.Can I have some noodles?

              B. Can you make noodles?

              C. Do you want some noodles?

              ( ) 34.当你想知道去公园的路怎么走时, 问:

              A.Excuse me, where’s the park, please?

              B.Sorry, Where’s the park, please?

              C.What’s in the park?

              ( ) 35.当你去买东西的时候,售货员要对你说:

              A.Can I help you?

              B.Can you help me?

              C.Thank you.

              ( ) 36.每年的12月25日,我们要互相说:

              A. Happy New Year!

              B. Happy Halloween!

              C. Happy Christmas!





                ( )1. —I can’t swim. —I can’t swim ________.

                A.too B. two C. either

                ( )2. —Have a ________, Bobby. —Yeah! I can fly.

                A. A.Look at B. look C. try

                ( )3.Look at dogs under the tree. They’re very cute.

                A. they B. that C. those

                ( )4. —How many ________ do you have?


                A. mango; Two B. mangoes; Two C. mangoes; Too

                ( )5. —Here’s ________ egg for you.

                —Thank you. What ________ big egg!

                A.an; a B. an; an C. a; a

                ( )6. This is our snowman. His nose ____ small. His eyes ____ big.

                A. is; is B. are; are C. is; are

                ( )7. – Where is your aunt? ??-- _______ in the living room.

                A. I’m B. She’s C. He’s

                ( )8. --Do you have ______ apple? -- No. I have ______ oranges.

                A. an, an B. an, some C. an, any

                ( )9. I’d like to drink two of .

                A. cups; coffees B. cups ; coffee C. cup; coffee

                ( )10. -Where the cakes ? -- in the fridge.

                A. is ; They’re B.are ; They’re C. is ; It’s

                ( )11. Where ______ my pens?

                A. is B. are C. am

                ( )12.A: Your school bag is nice. B: __________

                A. Yes. B. No, it isn’t. C. Thank you.

                (  )13. A:_________would you like? B: _________like some noodles.

                A.What’s ; I B What ; I’d C How ; I’d

                ( )14.I’m hungry. I’d like ________.

                A some tea B. a sandwich C. some coffee

                ( )15. Do you have_______toy animals?

                A some B any C a

                ( )16. Whose classroom is this? It’s__________ classroom.

                A. we B. us C. our

                ( )17.His father is very _______.

                A. big B.tall C.long

                ( )18.____ you like a pie? Yes,please

                A. Do B. Would C. do

                ( )19. —Can you play football?

                — Yes, I ______.

                A. do B. can C. can’t

                ( )20. —_______ _______ crayons do you have?

                — Twelve.

                A. How many B. How nice C. How much


                ( )1. What is this? A. It’s time for bed

                ( )2.What do you like? B. Thanks.

                ( )3.Would you like a cake? C. I’d like a toy panda.

                ( )4.Look at my dog. D. No, I don’t

                ( )5.How much is it? E. It’s a toy monkey.

                ( )6.What would you like? F. It’s fifty yuan.

                ( )7.It’s nine o’clock. G. Yes, please.

                ( )8.How many pencils do you have? H. It’s cute.

                ( )9.Here you are. I. Four.

                ( )10.Do you like tigers? J. I like monkeys.



                A:What’s this,Jack?

                B: It’s my playhouse(玩具屋)Come in, Mike.

                A: Are these toys?

                B: Yes, they are all new. Look, I have ten cars.

                A: They are beautiful. How many balls do you have?

                B: Let’s count(数数)

                A: One, two, three ... six.

                B: Do you like your new toys?

                A: Yes, I do. But (可是)I like my old(旧的)toys, too.They are my birthday presents(礼物).

                ( )1. Jack has nine cars.

                ( ) 2.Jack’s cars are beautiful.

                ( ) 3. Jack has five balls.

                ( ) 4. They like the toys.

                ( ) 5. Mike likes his old toys too.


                My school bag is my good friend. It’s black and red. There is a blue cat on my bag. The cat’s eyes(眼睛) are big and the nose(鼻子) is white and small. It’s very lovely!

                My school bag is not big, but beautiful and useful( 有用的). My textbooks(教科书),my pencil box and my exercise-books(练习本) are all in my school bag. I like my school bag.

                1.My school bag is ( ).

                A. blue and white B.black and white C.black and red

                2. There is a ( ) on my bag

                A. a blue cat B.a white cat C.a blue dog

                3. The cat’s nose is ( )

                A.small B big C.red.

                4. My schoolbag is ( ).

                A.lovely B.big C.not big

                5. Which one is not in my schoolbag(不在我的书包里)?

                A. Textbooks B. Pencilbox C.purse(钱包)


                Helen has a happy family. She lives in Suzhou with her parents. Helen is a student. She gets up at 6:30 every morning and goes to school on foot. Her father is a policeman. He goes to work by bus. And her mother is a doctor. She goes work by bike. What do they usually do on Sundays? Helen usually goes shopping with her mother. But her father doesn’t like going shopping. He usually reads books at home.

                ( )1. Helen lives in Suzhou with her parents.

                ( )2. Helen isn’t a student.

                ( )3. Helen’s father is a policeman.

                ( )4. Helen’s mother likes reading books at home.

                ( )5. Helen’s father doesn’t like going shopping.




                l like and .


                Su Hai a .


                is too .

                4. 我喜欢葡萄。

                I _____ ______.

                5. 看我的T恤衫.

                ______ ______ my T-shirt.


                I’d like ____ _____.



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