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              Exercise One


                1. 看一看2.教师节3.给你4、three ball pens


                1.e 一支钢笔2.u 一把直尺3.a e 一支圆珠笔4.a一个笔袋 5.oo 一个书签 6.e 一本笔记本

                三、A F E C B D

                四、come in bookmark ruler pen Here you are pencil case rubber red notebook

                五、a book May pencil rubber for

                六、I come May copybook for you May I for you are Goodbye

                七、Her your my his His

                八、Come in Good morning This for you card card Goodbye

                九.1.May I have that ball pen for David?

                2.This notebook is for Yang Ling.

                Exercise two

                一.1.an 熊猫2.ay蜡笔3.on 猴子4.io 狮子5.te 笔记本6.oo a 书签7.le 直尺8.en 铅笔

                二、this dresses she thin u photos

                三、1.X故事书2.X 手表3.√4.X 书签

                5.X 狮子6.X 钢笔7. √8.X 可爱的

                四、cars her play swimming mangoes Teachers’ your pandas

                五.A C A B C

                六、1.多么可亲爱2.再见3.我明白4.多么好看的一个玩具熊猫5.过来6.in a toy shop7.this pencil 8、that pencil case 9、my purse 10.her ruler

                七、C F D A G H E B

                八、1.That is a cat.

                2.Is your rubber?

                3.This nootbook is for Liu Tao.Ok.

                4.Can I have a look?Sure,here you are.

                九.Can May like nice for think


                Exercise Three

                一. pncil book his its what where puzzle car she he

                二. 1.u e a伞2.a o 蜡笔3.a er o l水壶4.ory故事书

                三. D A C D

                四. Jeans gloves scoks shoes shorts scarf sweater jacket

                五. 1.海伦的钥匙2.没关系3.我的钱包4.过来5.在教室里6.在玩具店里7.over there8.on the desk9.have a look10excuse me

                六.A ACBCABCBAAAAACi

                Exercise Four

                一. SSSSDD

                二. 1.进来2.喜欢这个风筝3.一个玩具兔子4.看一看5.给你6.in English7.his puppet8.your puzzle

                三. ACBBBCABCA

                四. CBAABCCA

                五. BFCEGAD

                六. There Where They Whose their

                七. 1.Where is the pencil? May I have a pencil?

                2. There is a notebook.Do you like the toy?

                3. What’s wrong?A hamburger?

                Exercise five

                一.1.let us2.I am3.I’d4here’s5.four 6.aren’t 7.R 8.fat

                二.Hamurger bike bear chair puppet umbrella bag ball kite key pencil case



                五.1.That ruler is for you.Thank you.

                2.What’s this? It’s a bookmark.

                3. What’s that? It’s an umbrella.


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